Chris Chester Records Ltd.

Chris Chester sings Bob Dylan (4th LP)

Chris Chester sings Bob Dylan
Lp 2017
… « 13 folk-rock covers of the famous Minnesota – New York City beat poet. This fourth album sounds like good american music alot with a point of sarcasm and a the best of humor. We can say that Chris Chester like the author reveals himself subconsciously in his writings and his music. Talent is talking loud and singing too with a guitar and an harmonica » …

Me Myself and I… (3rd LP)

Me Myself & I…
Lp 2014
… « Chris continues today to propose songs with a view of the fountain of Piccadilly Circus, circa 1968. This third album will delight besides the friends of ordinary cats, one of them having taken up residence in the fund of Chris’s larynx. A gashed and emotional tomcat, alternately capable of mewing crooked or of humming on ballads for fireside »…
Bruno Juffin – Writer, rock journalist

Wonderland!!! (2nd LP)

Lp 2009
… « If there was one reason to throw an attentive ear to this album cheeky, splendid « Slow Time In London » would do the trick, unstoppable ballad as we wish all poor believing talented. A great discovery! » …
A F – Abus Dangereux

Bubble Man Superstar!!! (1st LP)

Bubble Man Superstar!!!
Lp 2005
… « With his pop art sleeve, the Chris Chester Group effectively takes the princely joke as much as the hidden treasure. »…
Bruno Juffin – Les Inrocks